“…in a world where there are October’s…”

It has become super cliche over the past few years, but I love October. Yes, I’m just another woman obsessed with boots, sweaters and pumpkin flavored everything. It’s also more than that. For me, it’s always been the beginnings that I see in this month. Maybe its because I was proposed to in October. Maybe it was because the very next year, I stood in front of family and friends and said always to my husband in October. Cliche or not, this is my luckiest and favorite month.

When I lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains, October turned the mountains into an entirely different place. Sunrises hit the colorful trees and set the mountains on fire. Early morning hikes where you could see your breath in front of you, but by the time you finished you were warm and breathless were my favorite.

Don’t get me wrong. I love summer. But I am always ready for it to end long before it does. There is a limit to how many cook outs and beach days my heart can handle. Apple picking is always better then a barbecue. I’d prefer a corn maze over the pool any day, but maybe I’m biased. That’s where my husband proposed.


The older I get, the less time I get to enjoy this month and this season. Part of it is because I no longer live in the mountains. It is the 15th today and there is a high of 81. This is definitely not sweater weather! It’s hard to get into the Fall frame of mind when you’re still wearing shorts. But it’s not just that, it’s the limited time I have of late. October is always my busiest month. Instead of spending yesterday apple picking, we pressure washed our house. Necessary, but not nearly as much fun. I tend to live my life by to-do lists, but this season I want to focus on a different type of list. Below is my bucket list for the month and I want to cross off as much as possible in the next 16 days. Here’s to enjoying life and not just completing a to-do list!

  • Apple picking
  • Watch Football
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Watch a scary movie
  • Corn maze
  • Go through a haunted house
  • Make chocolate chip pumpkin bread
  • Travel to Savannah
  • Celebrate my 3rd anniversary with my husband
  • Drink a caramel apple spice or a pumpkin spice latte
  • Give out Halloween candy
  • Decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • Make chili
  • Play fantasy football


Seven years ago when my husband and I took our first vacation, we fell in love with traveling, with getting lost in a new place together. And so our bucket list began. For every trip we take, it seems we add 10 more destinations.

We typically migrate to cities: Washington D.C., San Francisco, LA, Portland, Charleston, etc. We wake up early, charge up with coffee and then go all day until we fall, exhausted and sore, into bed every night. And we love it. We created our own historical bar hop in DC, went brewery to brewery in Portland, and spent hours playing tourist in San Francisco. (If you’ve never been to San Francisco, please go. I would live there if I could). We’ve logged more miles walking through side streets trying to find local hole in the wall places than I can count. We’ve visited Hogwarts, tried and failed to fit in with the college crowd on Bourbon Street, and stuck our feet in the freezing Pacific Ocean. My heart holds some of my very favorite memories with my husband from these trips.

But this year, I just don’t have it in me. We started planning our vacation and we began with a combo trip to Boston and Maine, but my heart wasn’t in it.  That was my first sign. I’ve been dreaming of Boston for the past decade and have been looking forward to my first visit but this year it held no excitement for me. We started talking about other adventures and cities we could travel to, and still, I didn’t feel the thrill I usually do. And that’s when it hit me – I’m exhausted.

This summer my soul craves a slower pace and my body needs rest. I want a salty sea breeze. Cold drinks beside the pool with a book and my favorite travel partner. Snorkeling. Walks on the beach. Seafood.

So we changed our plans. I’m so incredibly thankful for a husband who always seems to be on the same page. Boston can wait until we are ready for it. In just over two weeks, we are headed to Florida for a week of relaxation and I honestly can’t wait. Apart from one day trip to explore every possible inch we can of St. Augustine, it will be just us, the sun, and a few books.

15 days and counting!